Kelli Anderson (USA): Kompilation von Papiermechanismen

Peter Dahmen wies auf diese Seite hin, die er in seiner Linkliste unter „Collection of free tutorials“verzeichnet hat. Kelli Anderson ist eine Brooklyner  Papercraft/Popup-Künstlerin, Grafikdesignerin und Animationsfilmerin .

Repost from Kelli AndersonI added the link to the website (as displayed above) to my collection with helpful resources for pop-up cards and other paper mechanisms. You will find book recommendations and dozens of links which lead to hundreds of free templates:…Original text:I created a database of paper mechanisms for my School for Poetic Computation students.* All of the cut/fold lines are vector, so they can easily be output to a plotter. –Please use them and send me your designs and improvements to add to this scattered body of knowledge! Link in profile –* started this site before our class but just got it up to a critical mass because I'm soooooovery slow at coding!

Gepostet von Peter Dahmen Papierdesign am Freitag, 15. März 2019


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